Online poker and gambling in 2020 and beyond

Since we first started with online gambling in the early 2000's, things have evolved quite a lot.

Of course that is what you would expect. But compared to how things stand now, the early days of online gambling were like the wild west.

These days we have a massive choice of places to gamble online, from sports sites to casinos and poker rooms. In fact, online poker, which was the spearhead, is now the smallest area of online gambling, except for maybe lottery.

A certain professionalism has crept into the industry, along with the monied corporations that have established themselves.

And there has been an ongoing focus on licencing and player care, and even security. The licencing process and the associated advertising guidelines compliance have of course added an extra overhead to the business that operate in online gambling. And that cost has to be passed on to the consumer - the player.

You should never think that the govermental restrictions that are placed on the various betting sites are in the interest of the player. Theya re not. They are all to generate revenue for the various governing bodies, nothing more. The players, as always, have to look out for themselves.

Yes, there is a case for saying that the clip joints have been removed from the game now - though that is not quite true - but he extra costs have meant that players find it even more difficult to get a fair shake for their money.

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